Lahteenmaki: "Considering it's my first Tour de Ski, I find it amazing that I can ski this fast”

04 January 2011 10:50

Krista Lahteenmaki is competing in her first Tour de Ski, but is not afraid of her older contenders. Krista is currently ranked fifth on the overall Tour de Ski standing, and has surprised several athletes.

“Considering it is my first Tour de Ski, I find it amazing that I can ski this fast” Krista says. The 20-year old Finnish girl is very calm, and is not comfortable talking about her great performance. “I am just focusing on what I do the best, and that is skiing. I came to Tour de Ski without any specific goals, and I still don’t have any. I know I am currently ranked fifth, which is great, but I am focusing on doing a good performance in each race”. Lahteenmaki says she will go all the way through Tour de Ski, finishing in Val di Fiemme.

Lahteenmaki won the 5 km classic in the Junior World Ski Championship in January 2010. In the World Cup in Davos, she finished eight. When FIS asked her if she has done anything differently in her preparation phase, she said; “last year I was sick for 11 weeks, this year I have only been sick for two weeks before the Tour de Ski, so I have had more time to train well and harder. I guess that is why I ski fast now”.  

Competing with 15 years older ladies in the World Cup does not seem to bother the talented Finnish girl. “I do not really care about whom I am competing with, of course competing in the World Cup and Tour de Ski is bigger in all areas, but during the race I never think about who the other competitors are. To me it is the same”.  

Tour de Ski has its first rest day today, but Lahteenmaki still has a fairly tight schedule. When FIS meets her, it is 11 o’clock, and she is trying to get some training done in between several media interviews. “I will skate for 2 hours today, then have lunch and relax, and then another session of training”. Despite the busy schedule, she hopes to have a bit of time to go shopping in Toblach. “Shopping is always relaxing, so I would not mind do some shopping today”.