Less than 4000 spots left for Tartu Maraton

17 December 2013 16:27
Tartu Maraton 2013
Tartu Maraton 2013 -
Ardo Säks

With 62 days left until the 43rd Tartu Maraton, 6105 skiers have signed up for the big race. A total of 10,000 places are available, less than 4000 places are left.

So far a total of 4,983 skiers have signed up for the full 63km distance, a limit of 8,000 has been set for that distance. And 1,122 skiers have registered for the 31km distance, where a limit of 2,000 has been set.

Last year, 5,500 skiers had signed up at this stage. The short distance event was sold out a few days before the marathon. Last year's total number of more than 8,500 skiers was the biggest number of entries in the last 25 years.

The 43rd Tartu Maraton will  take place on the 16th of February.

Registration is also open for the 43rd Tartu Maraton Open Track, 3rd Tartu Team Relay and TervisPlus 13th Tartu Maraton Ladies Race, which all take place the week before the main event, on the 9th of February.

Info and registration: www.tartumaraton.ee