Lucia Anger sprints to gold in Otepää. UPDATED

28 January 2011 12:14

Germany’s Lucia Angere became today Sprint Classic Junior Champion. The young German edged out Kari Oeyre Slind of Norway to second place. Slind’s compatriot Ragnhild Haga took bronze medal.

Big favorite for today’s victory Hanna Kolb started very strong and won the qualification. Kolb was superior also in quarterfinal and semifinal. In the final Kolb, Soboleva and Anger broke away and created a gap. In the last uphill Kolb lost balance when changing track, fell down and took with her also Elena Soboleva. Lucia Anger took her chance and was rushing to the finish line. Kari Oeyre Slind came from behind but did not have enough power to beat Anger and finished second +0.3 sec behind. Winner of the opening junior race over 5 km free Ragnhild Haga claimed third place.

Lucia Anger (GER)

I had a very good day. Semifinals went well and I hoped to win a medal. It feels very good to be the champion. I hoped to win the medal in a competition, but the sprint gold medal is a surprise for me. My tactics today was to go as fast as I could. I saw what happened when the crash took place. I looked that I could pass them from left and and it was very colse for me as well.

Kari Oeyre Slind (NOR)

The crash is part of the game, but I feel lucky today. I passed them and I did not get involve in the accident. I didn’t expect to be on the podium, but of course I had hoped to be in top three. You just have to be a little lucky to get there. Last year I was also on the podium. I like the sprint track in Otepää. The hills are perfect for me.

Ragnhild Haga (NOR)

I felt pretty good today; I was lucky in the final. My tactics was to go as fast as

I could for the last 200 meters. I saw what happened when they crashed, I was pretty far behind. I thought that I had the chance to follow them. And then I saw them

falling down and not getting up, that was my opportunity. I think I’m in good shape, but I didn’t expect a medal today, it was very surprising. It is incredible!