Lukas Bauer: “I’m happy to have the youngsters around”

07 November 2013 17:34
Lukas Bauer in Nove Mesto
Lukas Bauer in Nove Mesto -

The Czech National Cross-Country team has brought some fresh air into Lukas Bauer’s World Cup preparation. Aside from Jiri Magal, Bauer’s teammates are on average 10 years younger than him.

When Jiri Horcicka, the youngest National team member was born, Lukas Bauer was already in the sixth grade at grammar school. And it is similar with the others. “I am happy to have youngsters on the team. I have to admit, I am not so motivated to go to training camps and the guys make me look forward to the camps. I was really satisfied with the camps in Livigno and Ramsau and I almost did not want to go home. In Ramsau, I stayed one week longer and I must say when everybody was gone it was not as enjoyable. We have great fun with the guys. It’s good for the atmosphere in the team. It’s much better than training alone at home,” says Bauer. He goes on to point out that the team strength will be fully tested once the season starts. “Everything has been working fine but the most important is the team runs like clockwork during the winter.”

Czech Cross-Country Team in Ramsau


The new younger National team is not the only change for Bauer. During the coming winter Bauer will also be working with a new personal service man, Vit Zahula. “He is also much younger and in his case I was little bit concerned about it. He was full of power and energy during the first tests and I said to myself it would be really cool if the service guy is in better shape than the athlete. Luckily, after half an hour he started to run out of energy,” Bauer smiles and is very happy about his new colleague. “Vit is literally playing with skis and he is not afraid to try new things. He spends every free minute at a grinding machine and thanks to him I came across some new structures. Our cooperation has been a big step forward,” Bauer reveals.

During the offseason Bauer also spent two weeks with Russia’s Alexander Legkov. “He is a fighter. We trained together two weeks and it was very good. I was little bit out of energy as we met right after our three-week training camp in Livigno and performance tests. I would have loved to feel fresher but I was able to follow Alexander in half of the trainings. Of course sometimes I did not have a chance but I think it was in workouts that can turn out not that important in winter. I mean, somebody is good in running and somebody is worse, but the results in winter can be the same,” Bauer notes.

The Czech National team is now in Muonio, Finland for the final preseason preparations but Bauer will join one week later. “It was planned already in the spring. During last two years I could not train as much and I wanted to make the dry-land period longer,” Bauer reveals.

The Olympic Winter Games in Sochi will be the highlight of the upcoming winter. “I don’t think about the Olympics until I am nominated. Of course it will be the highlight of the season and most likely my last Olympics. But it is too early to be nervous and speculate about results,” Bauer concludes.