Marcus Hellner will pay tribute to Inge Braten in Sunne

08 June 2012 13:27
Hellner Davos
Hellner Davos -

Legendary Cross-Country skiing coach Inge Braten passed away in April 2012. On July 1 almost the Sweden’s and Norway’s Cross-Country national teams will pay tribute to him at the Bråten memorial in Sunne. The roller skiing competition had its premiere last summer and attracted more than 12.000 spectators.

This year fans can look forward to the duel between Marcus Hellner and Petter Northug. However, for Marcus Hellner it is equally important to honor the memory of Inge Bråten.

“This year I will also compete in honor if Inge Bråten. He meant a lot for me personally and for my development, “ Marcus Hellner said.

Other Sweden’s national team skiers such as Johan Olsson, Emil Joensson, Theodore Petterson, Anders Soedergren and other skiers. Almost the complete ladies’ national squad of Sweden will be at the start.

Organizers of the competition hope that some of Norway’s national team skiers will show at the start line. “We hope that we will be able to solve the transportation of Petter Northug and his colleagues by a helicopter as they will be at that time at the training camp in Lillehammer,” Kjell-Erik Kristiansen explains.

It was Inge Bråten who initiated last year the roller skiing competition in Sunne, which was supported by the local municipality. 12.000 showed up in downtown of Sunne and created unforgettable atmosphere.

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