Maria Rydqvist ill - Sweden's relay in danger

01 March 2011 08:34

Maria Rydqvist was the big surprise in the women's pursuit at the Ski World Championships and finished 6th.
Now she is sick and can be forced to give up the relay, which would undermine Sweden's medal chances.

28-year-old Rydqvist left the Swedish World Champs squad after she caught cold on Saturday evening. Since then, she she felt unwell.
“I left the team yesterday morning,” said Rydqvist to on Monday.
 Maria Rydqvist has not been ill the whole season and recent cold came in the wrong time.

Rydqvist was sure the third leg in the relay, in which Sweden is one of the big medal favorites. “It's a cold and it sits in the nose. But I have no fever,” explains "Rydan".
She has not yet taken any decision on the start in the relay, which takes place on Thursday. 
Coach Richard Grip is optimistic. The only ones who have secure spot in the relay team at the moment are Anna Hague and Charlotte Kalla. Ida Ingemarsdotter and Sara Lindborg are probably out of the quartet, they both were outside the top 20 in Monday's 10-kilometer race.

Contributed by Kjell Erik Kristansen,