Marit Bjørgen and Øystein Pettersen won Oslo Ski Show 2012

13 June 2012 08:43
Marit Bjoergen wins Oslo Ski Show 2012
Marit Bjoergen wins Oslo Ski Show 2012 -

Marit Bjoergen topped the podium of yesterday’s roller skiing competition in Oslo. Bjoergen claimed victory by more than a second on Vibeke Skofterud and youngster Heidi Weng who stayed behind Skofterud by tiny 0.1 sec.

“It was really fun to compete here, there was a great atmosphere and a lot of people around,” Marit Bjoergen said.

On the men’s side Oyestein Pettersen was superior as he beat by half a second Eiric Brandsdal and Kent Ove Clausen. “It was great to ski in front of so many spectators. I enjoyed it. The season preparation has been good so far and I am very pleased with how I skied the final heats. It's great to get an indication that I am where I should be,” Pettersen said.

Top 6 Men

1. Øystein Pettersen, 1:56.5
2. Eirik Brandsdal, +0.5
3. Kent Ove Clausen, +0.5
4. Hans Petter Lykkja, +3.0
5. Ragnar Bragvin Andresen, +3.5
6. Kasper Stadaas, +3.9

Top 6 Ladies

1. Marit Bjørgen, 2:12.0

2. Vibeke Skofterud, +1.1

3. Heidi Weng, +1.2
4. Marthe Kristoffersen, +1.4

5. Maiken Caspersen Falla, +1.4

6. Kathrine Harsem, +3.7

Complete Results

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