Marit Bjoergen (NOR) and Federico Pellegrino (ITA) take the qualifier win in Davos.

12 December 2010 13:04

Marit Bjoergen showed again who is currently the best skier and dominated the ladies' Sprint Free qualifier in Davos. On the men's side it was Italy's Federico Pellegrino who took surprising qualification win.

Both ladies and men skied 1400 m long course in the Bünda Stadium at Davos. Bjoergen won in the time of 3:18.28 and edged out Petra Majdic (SLO) by +0.7 sec. Majdic showed good skating skills and qualified second. Italy's Magda Genuin came in third best time and lost on Bjoergen +2.71 sec.

On the men's side it was Federiko Pellegrino who surprised all and took the qualifier victory ahead of Anders Gloeersen (NOR) and Nikolay Morilov (RUS). Emil Joensson qualified 6th, Petter Northug 16th and Dario Cologna 19th.