Marit Bjoergen: I'm still hungry to win World Champs medals

19 September 2012 09:03
Marit Bjoergen with Justyna Kowalczyk and Therese Johaug in Oslo
Marit Bjoergen with Justyna Kowalczyk and Therese Johaug in Oslo -

Marit Bjoergen admitted that the World Cup is going to get less attention from her the coming winter. The Queen of Oslo 2011 sets her sights on the World Championships and FIS Tour de Ski.

Bjoergen took a few hours off and turned into a model in Oslo on Tuesday. She showed up in "Nansen," the new World Champs sweater from Dale, which is her 15th one in connection with a major title event.

“I'm in a tough training period right now. September is a tough month in this regard. We are working mostly on intensity with emphasis on intervals,” Bjoergen said to NTB.

She has just come back from a two-week altitude camp, but there is not much time to breathe at home. As early as on Sunday Bjoergen starts a new training camp, on the slopes at Kvitfjell. Bjoergen and co. will carry out more tough running tough sessions on the downhill courses.

“You could say that we do little bit of training for the Tour de Ski Final Climb,” Bjoergen chuckled and thought of monster hill in Val di Fiemme. At the same time, she adds that the FIS Tour de Ski and World Championships will be the main targets this winter.

“It is clear that it is my dream and a hope to be on the top position in the Tour, because I already failed in the past, but the World Championships is also a major goal. There is always value in winning the World Championships medals, and even if I have some, I still want more,” the Queen of Oslo 2011 says.

For the first time in several years Marit Bjoergen will compete both in the Tour de Ski and in major international championship in the same season.

“I have not done it for a long time, so it is clear it will be a little different to what I'm used to. I will in any case to sit out some World Cup races to be in the top shape both in the Tour de Ski over Christmas and New Year and in the World Championships in late February. It is already clear that I'm not going to go to World Cups in Canada,” she admits.

“To achieve my goals I am ready to pay less attention to the Overall World Cup next season,” Bjoergen says and has carried out all training efforts up to now as planned, without illness or injury.

The coming season will be tough, but also a very special one. When Bjoergen is coming to Val di Fiemme in February, she can celebrate an anniversary. It will exactly ten years since her first World Championship Gold, in 2003 in sprint.

After that she has claimed seven more World Championship gold medals, and the last four, she took at home on Holmenkollen almost two years ago.

“I must admit that I'm still as hungry to take World Championship medals now as I was two years ago, it is clear there is very high value in winning gold at the World Cup,” Bjoergen says.

Now she is looking forward to a couple of tough dry-land workouts. In late October she will be back on skis when the team will traditionally gather in Val Senales.

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