Markus Cramer new coach of Alexander Legkov

10 September 2015 09:32
Markus Cramer
Markus Cramer -

Former German junior & U23 team coach Marcus Cramer takes over coaching of the Olympic and Tour de Ski champion Alexander Legkov and Sergey Turyshev of Russia.

Cramer’s job will be creating training plans for Legkov and Turyshev, organization of training camps and will join them ate World Cups in the winter.

“Russian athletes are used to training camps that are 2-3 weeks long. We will keep this system. In the winter we will see us at World Cups,” Markus Cramer revealed the plan. “We are going to carry out 2/3 of the camps with sprinters Kriukov and Petukhov. Sprint skills are particularly important in the Tour de Ski,” Cramer said.

Alexander Legkov has clear priorities for the upcoming winter; victory in the Tour de Ski and Distance World Cup. IN the long term the goal aims at medals at the WSC 2017 in Lahti and OWG 2018 in Pyeong Chang.