Marthe Kristoffersen: "I love to attack"

30 December 2011 08:53
Kristoffersen Oberhof
Kristoffersen Oberhof -

Marthe Kristoffersen showed that she meant business with this year's Tour de Ski with 5th position during Thursday's opening prologue. She finished only 4.2 seconds behind the winner Justyna Kowalczyk and was only two tenths behind a spot on the podium. This was Kristoffersen's best race of the season.
"I think I went well. I got some ice under my skis at the end, and I probably lost some time from the curve and down, but this will be fun on Friday. I love to attack!" the Norwegian girl said. 

She has carried out some nice workouts lately, and she is definitely an athlete that should be included on the list of the overall top 10 position. Last year she finished on 7th place overall after she recorded the third best lap time up the slalom slope in Cavalese. "I really want to get into the top seven again" Kristoffersen said.

If her shape continues being as good in the rest of the Tour that during Thursday's prologue, Kristoffersen can be fighting for a spot on the podium.

Niklas Dyrhaug opened with a strong 14th-place during Thursday's opening prologue of the Tour de Ski. The 24-year-old has trained a lot together with Northug, and he showed that he is not in the Tour just as support.
"I was a little tense before the start and think I stressed too much at the start of the race. The second half was much better. The shape is nice, and it was good to get started" Dyrhaug said who made his spot on the Norwegian team through the good races in the Scandinavian Cup.

"I'm going to relax and I really look forward to continue forward. This is the only thing I have thought about the whole Christmas season. This is going to be fun" Dyrhaug said.