Martin Jaks is the biggest Czech hope in Otepää

22 January 2011 07:32

With the absence of Lukas Bauer he will be the biggest Czech hope in today’s 15 km Classic. However, Martin Jaks doesn’t feel to be a leader. Not yet.

“If he is in top 20 I would be satisfied,” says the Czech national coach Miroslav Petrasek. Martin Jaks was 8th at this year’s Tour de Ski but refuses to be included in the list of today's favorites. “I just want to deliver the best possible result,” comments Jaks.

Tour de Ski took a lot of power from Jaks and the second best Czech skier skipped the home World Cup in Liberec. “I took a rest and carried out couple of light workouts. Before Otepää I skied two faster sessions and felt quite well. I cannot say how I will feel in the 15 km race in maximum pace,” revealed Jaks who likes to race in Otepää, just like Bauer.

“I like competing in Otepää. They have always very good tracks and fans are great. They read your name in the start list and cheer on you with your name,”explains Jaks. He has delivered three great results and one worse. “I hope it will be 4:1 after this year,” concluded Jaks.