Martin Johnsrud Sundby signs a four-year deal with the Norwegian Federation

01 July 2014 16:30
Martin Johnsrud Sundby
Martin Johnsrud Sundby -

FIS Cross-Country Overall World Cup winner Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR) has signed a long term contract with the Norwegian Ski Federation until 2018.

“Norwegian Ski Federation has created a secure financial situation both for me and my family. The national team and the system around has been very good for my development. Another solution would not be good for me. The team model is the best for getting on top in Cross-Country Skiing. I am grateful that the federation wanted to sign such a long term deal with me,” Martin Johnsrud Sundby said. 

Also head of Norwegian Cross-Country Åge Skinstad is satisfied. “We are very pleased that our athletes think in the long term and want to be part of the national team model. Martin is a role model for many young people and he has proofed that you can go very far with hard work and commitment. Four more years with Martin mean that we can look forward to great skiing moments in the future,” Skinstad claimed. 

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