Masako Ishida shines in Inari

12 November 2012 09:05
Masako Ishida in Oslo 2012
Masako Ishida in Oslo 2012 -

Japan's Masako Ishida and Alexander Bessmertnykh powered to victory in 5 km and 10 km competitions that took place yesterday in Inari.

Ishida topped the result of the ladies' competition and beat a huge contingent of Russian skiers. Ishida clinched the victory in 9:37.7 and edged out by a tiny margin of 0:0.2 sec Svetlana Nikolaeva to second place. Ekaterina Vorontsova finished 6 seconds off the pace in third position.

Alexander Bessmerznykh led the Russian squad and powered to victory in 16:58.6. Dmitriy Japarov lost on the winner 11 seconds and took second place. Sprint winner from the day before Maxim Vylegzhanin lost 20 seconds and took third place.


Complete results to be found HERE