Maxim Vylegzhanin tops the podium in 30 km skiathlon in Rybinsk. UPDATED

05 February 2012 09:58
Maxim Vylegzhanin wins skiathlon in Rybinsk
Maxim Vylegzhanin wins skiathlon in Rybinsk -


Maxim Vylegzhanin led the Russian squad to success and claimed the home victory in 30 km skiathlon in Rybinsk. Vylegzhanin beat compatriot Ilia Chernousov in the finishing straight. Tobias Angerer repeated solid performance from yesterday and completed the podium in third place.

In the classical 15 km part of the competition Russian skiers were very active and were dictating the tempo. Dmitriy Japarov, Konstantin Glavatskikh or Alexander Bessmertnikh were very active. maxim Vylegzhanin was leading the field as they come to the stadium for the ski exchange.
At the halfway point the field stayed quite compact with fourteen skiers lined up in 10 seconds. In the free technique part Italy's Roland Clara was taking care of the pace and was active in front. Dimitriy Japarov took the lead and Roland Clara was following. The leading duo created a gap of 20 meters but they were caught again in the second last lap.

In the last 2.5 km loop youngster Peter Sedov went in front and upped the temp. There were five Russians in the leading group as Chernousov made a move in the last uphill before the downhill section leading to the stadium. Maxim Vylegzhanin reacted to Chernousov's attack and the two Russians broke away from the rest of the field.
Together they came in the stadium, Chernousov leading, Vylegzhanin following. In the second last corner Vylegzhanin went around the skiathlon winner from last year and shook him off. Unchallenged Vylegzhanin came to the finish in 1:20:37.6 and a comfortable margin on Chernousov of +6.0 seconds.

Tobias Angerer did not have the ideal position in the descent sitting in the sixth position. However, in the stadium Angerer had enough power for the final fight with Russia's Eugeniy Dementiev and beat him in the photo finish.

After the Russian mission Dario Cologna is still holding the Overall World Cup lead with 1474. Petter Northug is second with 1181 points. Devon Kershaw moved to third place in the overall standing having collected 881 points so far.

1. Maxim Vylegzhanin (RUS)    1:20.37
2. Ilia Chernousvo (RUS)         + 6,0 sec
3. Tobias Angerer (GER)        + 8,3 sec

1. Dario Cologna (SUI)        1474 pts
2. Petter Northug (NOR)        1181 pts
3. Devon Kershaw (CAN)        881 pts

Maxim Vylegzhanin RUS

This victory was very important for me because I couldn’t get to the podium in Rybinsk before. Something was always wrong either with skis or my shape. This time everything worked perfectly.

Ilia Chernousov RUS

I’m very glad for my second podium in two days. I’m not that strong in classics so I tried not to let leaders go too far. I was really exhausted in the last three laps and tried to relax and use the same tactics as yesterday in the last uphill. I hope I can conserve this shape and be strong as well in Nove Mesto. It was a great weekend here in Rybinsk and the World Cup is very important for Russia.

Tobias Angerer GER

I’m happy to be on the podium again. Rybinsk becomes a very special place for me, I do not really know what is exactly special - maybe the air (with a smile). I always feel well here. Today the conditions were not difficult, it was not so cold but a bit more windy, but all in all everything was fine. I tried to push hard and worked in front together with Roland Clara in the free technique part but at the end the Russian's were too strong today. I look forward to the rest of World Cup races, I want to race as much as possible of them and hope to show good results.