Men's cross country training: JOENSSON (SWE)

18 February 2014 09:09
Emil Joensson SWE
Emil Joensson SWE -

KRASNAYA POLYANA - Comments from Emil JOENSSON (SWE) during official training at the Laura cross country venue on Tuesday.


On how the heavy snow conditions might affect the team sprint classic race on Wednesday:
"Maybe it looks better on TV to have fresh, new snow on the side but I think it's going to be warmer tomorrow. Plus four degrees Celsius and a little bit wet, but no snow. We in Sweden hope so because we've had good skis so far in these championships. Today it's hard to test skis for tomorrow - it might be totally different conditions."

On to what extent different skis have affected results in the competition so far:
"In cross country skiing the skis make a difference; how you prepare them and what material you use. Sweden and other countries have been really lucky and had really good skis. Norway, unfortunately, haven't had the best skis so far."

"We had a similar situation in the (2011) Oslo world championships, when Sweden didn't have good skis at the beginning but at the end we found them. I hope Norway will find them so that they can ski as fast as they want to. They are so strong, so for the skiers I really hope they can show what they have inside them."

On his week since winning a bronze medal in the individual men's sprint free on Tuesday 11 February:
"It's been a long week, just waiting until you can start again. After the sprint race where we didn't race like we thought it was going to be in our heads - Olympic medals (Sweden won silver and bronze). [Because of this] you're not fed up with all of the Olympics, you still have the energy to ski really fast and I hope we will tomorrow."

Source: Olympic News Service