"6-month block of training gets going once again" writes Chandra Crawford

17 May 2010 08:41

Hello Sportsfans,

There is much good news to energize me as the 6-month block of training gets going once again. Mainly being healthy, injury free and having a coach. Although Cross Country Canada switching the coaches up has been the dizzying trend of the past 4 years, this time it's going to stick... I just know it. American two-time Olympian Justin Wadsworth, husband of Canadian legend Beckie Scott has taken on our team and I'm really looking forward to working with him for many years to come. The Wadsworth-Scotts have bought a great house and Canmore is thrilled to be welcoming them and their rugrats Teo and Bryn to the community.

Training season is well underway and I'm happy as a clam to be grinding through the re-acquaintance of my body with a few hours of exercise per day. Even better - I've been doing my training in France this week as Devon and I have actually followed through on some of our profligate talk of places to go and things to do. Our beloved wax technician Yves Bilodeau has been living in France (originally from Quebec) for many years in an ancient shell of a building that he has epically built into a beautiful home that we have always wanted to visit.

There I enjoyed running on the trails, 'dancing' to the cols, and rollerskiing up one of the most persistently wicked ascents - Le Colombier. I've enjoyed awesome training layered upon good times with great friends and plenty of yabbering away in French, which Devon and I enjoy so much.


May 25th we fly through most of the cities of the world to finally end up in Bend, Oregon. Home of our new coach Justin and location of this year's first training camp.

Merci a tous!


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