Most important rules changes for the 2015/16 season

24 November 2015 12:47
Heat selection
Heat selection -

The winter 2015/16 is going to introduce several new rules. Here a short overview of the most important changes.

Sprint Heat selection
Last season, a new system of the heat selection was tested in Lahti and Drammen. Qualified athletes had a chance to choose, in which quarterfinal they want to compete. The Cross-Country Committee decided to continue with the new system also this season. The Sprint heat selection will be reevaluated next spring and the final decision will be made.

Classic technique
In order to preserve classical technique and ensure fairness of competitions the Sub-committee for Rules and Control agreed to increase definitions of proper classic technique.

Skiing in set tracks
Where there are one or more set tracks, repeatedly changing or stepping in and out of tracks will not allowed.

Jury work and athletes hearing
To make the Jury work more effective, sanctions for the violations of the classic technique rules can be given by a unanimous decision of two jury members without video evidence and a hearing from the athlete. The TD must be included in the two-person Jury decision.

Competition suspension
Competition suspension will always be accompanied by a written reprimand.

Individual starting order
In order to keep the athletes performance in focus and at the same time meet the needs of the TV production, a new individual starting order will be introduced. Athletes registered to compete will be assigned into 4 groups as follows:

Group 1: seeded group – 15 best athletes registered to compete
Group 2: the 30 best athletes after the seeded group according to the FIS distance points
Group 3: the 15 best athletes after group 2 according to the FIS distance points
Group 4: the rest of the registered athletes

If less than 60 athletes are registered to compete the number athletes assigned in Group 2 will be reduced accordingly.

The start list will be established as follows:

Group 2: from the first start number to the beginning of the seeded group, the athletes will start according to their FIS distance points in reversed order (higher FIS points start first)
Seeded group and group 3: the seeded athletes will start each second start number and the athletes assigned to group 3 will start between them (according to their FIS distance points in reverse order).
• The seeded athletes or their respective coaches at the TCM the night before will choose their start number within 15 available start numbers according to the following order:
− 5th to 1st in the seeded group. The best in the seeded group will chose as 5th to have a chance to see where his biggest contenders start.
− 6th to 15th in the seeded group
Group 4: after the seeded group, the athletes will start according to their FIS distance points