Nationals at Kincaid Park, Alaska concluded U.S season

31 March 2014 11:11
Sadie Bjornsen wins 30 km Classic
Sadie Bjornsen wins 30 km Classic -
Anchorage Daily News

The U.S. Cross-Country Skiing season was concluded last weaken at Kincaid Park, Alaska with U.S. nationals . Sadie Bjornsen and Aku Nikander claimed individual titles.

Sadie Bjornsen ended the successful season with a U.S. national title over 30 km mass start classic. Bjornsen broke away with Liz Stephen to work together until final kilometres. Bjornsen finish in 1:35:58.1 Stephen was left behind to take second +29.1. Kikkan Randall claimed third place +2:08.8 back.

Aku Nikander wins 50 km mass start classic

Men’s victory in 50 km mass start classic surprisingly went to Finnish student in his first year at the University of New Mexico Aku Nikander who out double poled Noah Hoffman. Reese Hanneman was third +1:01.6 back


Ladies 30 km mass start classic

Men 50 km mass start classic