New Cross-Country pole basket to help Sweden prevail

17 November 2010 14:44

The Swedish Cross country Team has developed together with Marcus Leijon and Mikael Svaren at Vintersportcentrum Östersund ( Sweden) a new type of cross country basket.

New Shape and Extra Light Material

The target for the Swedish team was for the last 12 month to design a Cross-Country basket to support the performance of their racers.  The new basket is an exclusive and unique design build with extra light material. ( weight under 9g/pc!) The new shape of the basket offers a fast and efficient contact to the snow without loosing pace or control.

Not in Retail Stores

The product is an exclusive development for the members of the Swedish Ski team and will support them during the next World Cups until the World Championships in Oslo. The basket is not available in any sport retail stores.

Swedish Flash

ONE WAY Sport has joined the cooperation to build the moulds, consulting in using the lightest materials and producing the XC basket for the Team; “THE SWEDISH FLASH “.  The first tests during races has been a great success during the last weekend in Bruksvallarna in Sweden. Team members have been very positive to the new innovation like Ana Haag, Anders Södergren, Mats Larsson especially Johan Olson: “More support and more direct when the basket hit the snow. Lighter and still you get more power out of it. You get the power immediately when you hit the snow because it does "pack" the snow at once”