Nicole Fessel will not compete in Tour de Ski

29 December 2010 14:38

The fifth edition of Tour de Ski is soon to kick off, and the German team looks forward to compete on homeground. The four first stages will be hosted in Germany, starting with Oberhof on December 31 and continuing with Oberstdorf on January 2nd. Oberstdorf will host the first sprint competition, both for the Tour as well as for Oberstdorf to host it. Nicole Fessel will not compete in Tour de Ski as she is still suffering from illness she caught earlier this season.


Coach Jochen Behle:
"Since La Clusaz, our entire team has pretty much been sick. All athletes are now on their way back and ready to compete in the Tour. The overall victory is not the focus of the team because of the incidents we had in La Clusaz and earlier. We will focus on winning stages in stead. Having four of the stages in Germany is a great motivation for us, and Viessmann Tour de Ski is definitely a highlight of the season".

Tobias Angerer
"The break has done me really well. Now my batteries are full again. I feel fit and am looking forward to the tour and compete again. I'm going quite confident to Oberhof. After the long rest from the World competition I am looking forward to come back again properly".

Franz Goering:
"After two years break, it's finally time that I can be part of the tour again. My last time was at the start in 2007-08, twise I had to cancel the Tour due to illness and injury. I am not yet sure what is possible this year, I will make a decision and plan day by day".

Axel Teichmann:
"The Tour de Ski, with two races to start in Oberhof and then in Oberstdorf are for me the first highlight of the season. We do of course want to perform our best on home soil. The tour, with her eight races in ten days, has a character which comes to our whole team, from training and the mentality of our counter. We will do our best in the competition, if it is enough for reaching the podium we have to wait and see."

Tim Tscharnke:
"In recent weeks I have completed a program similar to Axel and Jens, although I've got a couple of race kilometers more in the legs. But I still really like to race and look forward to the tour. This year I am For the third time at the start and this time I want to - if possible -
go through the entire race for the first time."

Stefanie Böhler:
"The Christmas holidays I spent in the Bavarian Forest and was able to take advantage of the perfect snow conditions which were good for training. After the first few weeks of competition I still felt quite fresh. Ten days with Tour de Ski will be extremely hard, but I look forward to it".

Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle:
"After I recently had some health problems, I'm ready again to join the Tour. I will actually compete for the entire Tour this year, and I am especially happy tom compete in Germany".

Katrin Zeller:
"La Clusaz was my first time competing in a World Cup race. I do not know what was going on that day, but that is history for me. For the last weeks I have especially been working out on the World Cup tracks in Oberhof. My goal is a place in the top ten overall.  Besides I'm also very excited at the 10 kilometers in the Val di Fiemme. This is one of my favorite lines in the whole year. "


The German Team:
Lucia Anger (SC Oberstdorf)
Stefanie Boehler (SC Ibach) Nicole Fessel (SC Oberstdorf) 

Denise Herrmann (WSC Erzgebirge Oberwiesenthal) 

Hanna Kolb (TSV Mountain) 

Helen James (SV Rotterode)
Sandra Ringwald (Schonach-Rohrhardsberg)
Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle (WSV Reit im Winkl) 

Katrin Zeller (SC Oberstdorf) 

Tobias Angerer (SC Vachendorf)
Thomas Bing (WSV Dermbach)
Lucas Bögl (SC Gaißach)
Hannes Dotzler (SC Sonthofen)
Sebastian Eisenlauer (SC Sonthofen)
Jens Filbrich (WSV Oberhof 05)
Franz Goering (SCM Zella-Mehlis) 

Andrew Katz (SV Baiersbronn) 

Andy Bold (WSC Erzgebirge Oberwiesenthal)
Phil Marshall (Rhöner WSV)
Tom Reichelt (WSC Erzgebirge Oberwiesenthal)
Axel Teichmann (WSV Bad Lobel)
Tim Tscharnke (SV Biberau)