Nikolai Sedov: Peter’s heart is all right

19 January 2011 07:43

Couple of days ago rumours emerged that shooting star of  Russian Cross-Country skiing Peter Sedov suffered from heart problems.

A few days after a Russian sports website published that budding Russian cross-country ski star Petr Sedov was suffering from a potentially serious heart problem, the president of the Russian Ski Association, Elena Vyalbe, said that Sedov had been to see specialists in Davos, and that “cause for concern was not found.”

“The final conclusion is not ready yet, but according to preliminary data, Peter’s heart is all right,” his father Nikolai Sedov told the website

Sedov will still miss next week’s U-23 World Championships in Estonia, because he does not yet have permission to race from Russia’s Federal Medical-Biological Agency (FMBA), according to AllSportInfo.

But there’s still a chance for him to make the Russian team for the World Ski Championships in Norway in February, if he gets the okay from the FMBA – though according to Vyalbe, he will have to qualify through races at the country’s national championships in Rybinsk, in late January.

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