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12 November 2015 18:17
Astrid Jacobsen NOR
Astrid Jacobsen NOR -

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Astrid Jacobsen is an unassuming athlete who is always ready When it really counts. At just 28 years old she has become one of the most experienced cross-country skiers on the FIS World Cup. Your career hasn't always been without problems - how do you see your career history?
Astrid U. Jacobsen: It has been "up and down" (she laughs). In achieved good success very early. At 20 years old I was already a World Champion in the classic sprint. Then I had two serious injuries and other calamities that interrupted my progression. However, the 2014-15 season was my strongest overall. What is your focus as a top cross-country skier?
Astrid: As a young athlete, I was very unconcerned and had saw cross-country skiing as a hobby. The difficult times with pressure came with injuries but now everything runs smoothly and I focus not on results. I have worked hard to be a better cross-country skier! Your goals for next season?
Astrid: I would like to see more consistency. The 30 km competition at Holmenkollen is right outside my front door and I want another strong result. I would like to achieve my best performances in the Tour de Ski. At the Ski Tour Canada I would also like to be upfront.

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