interview with Dario Cologna

05 February 2016 14:50
Dario Cologna SUI
Dario Cologna SUI -

Interview by How are you after these difficult weeks for you?
Dario Cologna:
 Despite the injury I could quickly re-enter the training. At first I was on the road in order to spare the calf muscles just by double polling. I feel good and I am excited to see how it goes at Holmenkollen with the demanding 50 km classical competition. If we look back once more to this calf injury that you have suffered during the Tour de Ski, what went through your head at the time?
 I suddenly felt on the left calf muscle cramp - after a sharp pain. I knew immediately that it is no longer like it should be. I felt strong during the race, a good result was possible that day maybe even a podium result.  It was frustrating to have to give up the tour in that way. How is your leg today and how did the healing process?
 The strain in his left calf muscle has healed, but it is a weak point, and this could happen again. I know this kind of injury from summer training, but in the winter it was the first time.  At first I stayed for 5 days in Magglingen, where I was under the experienced care Physiotherapist Simon Trachsel.  The planned altitude training I have pulled through as originally planned. In Magglingen I used an altitude room. Then I was 5 days in the Engadin on the Muottas Muragl to almost 2,500 meters above sea level. You recently won Surselva Marathon.  Your impressions?
"The Surselva marathon was a good test, with Ilya Chernousov and Curdin Perl the competition was tough. The snow conditions were challenging but Curdin and I worked well together and I was able to win. 

Scandinavia Tour Ski Tour Canada After the 50 km at Holmenkollen, what are your competition plans. 
DC:  I travel back to Davos and then fly back up to the race in Falun. Then I'll stay the following week in the north and compete in Lahti to end the Scandinavian part of the calendar.

I will take some time to recover in Davos to prepare for the Ski Tour Canada that begins 1 March 2016 in Gatineau (CAN). I hope it all goes according to the plan. The Ski Tour Canada  is a 2nd tour this season.  Do you see it as another chance for you?
 Yes, I am looking forward to it.  If I am going well I will fight right until the end of the season. 


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