interviews Norway's Martin J. Sundby.

29 November 2013 08:38
Martin J. Sundby
Martin J. Sundby -

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Martin Johnsrud Sundby comes to the interview with a "New York - Cap" and is all smiles. He ran a strong last season and you can feel it immediately.  His focus is directed to a big goal: individual gold in Sochi!

After injury-related loss of Dario Cologna and the uncertainties in Petter Northug it can be "large" season for Martin J. Sundby - the first season results are very promising! The 29-year-old Norwegian came without illness and injury through the summer and fall training and has also become one son. He is prepared to step up to take responsibility: At home and in the Norwegian team! New York - is not a cross-country destination - what fascinates you about this big city?

Martin J. Sundby: The diversity and anonymity of this city are unique and fascinating for me, I like the diversity of cultures - I can fill up well in New York after a busy season! Have you made any changes in your training and how did the summer training?

Martin J. Sundby: Yes, it was very good, and I have trained more than ever more intense - with the goal to be even faster in the "finish". So far I could get a high speed for a long time keep up but at this moment once again to add, was not my forte. I hope that I was able to make progress here. If I want to win more races, I need to be faster, it's easy! You had a few years ago heart rhythm disorders - What about this?

Martin J. Sundby: That was four years ago a problem - doctors have found that it is an inherited, genetic disease. For a while I was strong mentally busy and also wary of intensive training and of course in competition. But now everything is under control and everything works normally. Your expectations for Sochi?

Martin J. Sundby: So far I have not won any individual gold medal. So, it's my big goal to win a gold medal. But there are many factors which will play: the height, the climate with the rapid changes in the weather. We have the best service team and I am confident that we will have the situation "under control"! You were for years a specialist in the classic technique - last year you won the first World Cup race in the skating technique. How is it you managed an "all-rounder" to be?

Martin J. Sundby: It was a long process with many steps and small. After the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010, I realized that I was not a good skater anymore and I had a choice: either only race in classic technique to deny or to take a step and step up work on the skating technique. Started then everything in a gym with a fitness and strength coach. I've developed everything from scratch with new strength and stabilization exercises, as well as much balance and coordination training. After 5 to 6 months I realized that the "Skating" feels different. Since then I train with this philosophy and I am very satisfied. But again: There were many small steps necessary!