sits down with Dario Cologna for rehab interview

27 November 2013 05:30
Dario Cologna
Dario Cologna -

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(Magglingen) Around 30 media representatives today saw an optimistic and confident Dario Cologna following the surgery on his right ankle. The media day took place in the rehab training facility in Magglingen, where everything is done for him so he can "enjoy" the best rehab.  

There are still 10 weeks (73 days) until the start of the Olympic Games in Sochi , which means there are 10 weeks for Dario Cologna to recover and prepare. It will take 6 to 8 weeks to recover from this kind of  foot injury. But Dario Cologna  is making good progress! How are you at the moment?

Dario Cologna: The foot is still somewhat swollen, the healing is going well.  Considering the circumstances I am satisfied and I  will take full advantage of my time here in Magglingen. I am currently doing alternative workouts without straining the foot that is primarily training for the upper body such as weight training and double stick training. But soon Aqua jogging! Do you look at the World Cup opener in Kuusamo?

Dario Cologna: Yes, it already hurt a little that I can not be there.  I will definitely find some time though to keep track of the race and to cheer my teammates. There is still 10 weeks to go to the Olympics, what revolves in your head at this thought?

Dario Cologna: It can go well and I am making sure that I am fit. But of course I will miss a lot of races. However, if everything goes perfectly I to race before the New Year.  I am looking forward to that!

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