Norway wins the ladies' 4 x5 km relay in Lillehammer

08 December 2013 11:30
Ladies relay in Lillehammer
Ladies relay in Lillehammer -

Team Norway I has won the ladies' 4 x 5 km relay in Lillehammer, Norway in a time of 58:38.9. Finland I took second place +1:13.2 and USA I in third +1:36.5.

The Norwegian team of Heidi Weng, Therese Johaug, Kristin Størmer Steira and Marit Bjørgen skied to victory with a comfortable lead on the other teams. Johaug opened up the lead on her classic leg and the gap was held on both free technique legs with Bjørgen with enough time to wave to the home crowd coming down the finish.

Team Finland (Aino-Kaisa Saarinen, Anne Kylloenen Kerttu Niskanen, Krista Lahteenmaki) skied well all day battling with the US Ski team (Kikkand Randall, Sadie Bjornsen, Liz Stephen, Jessie Diggins on the final three legs. With Finland taking second and USA in third. This is only the second time that the US ladies team has ever recorded a team relay podium finish. The first time coming in Gallivare, Sweden at the start of last season.



Heidi Weng (NOR I)

It was very tough today but fun conditions. Kikkan was going very well in front and it was very hard when I pushed out in front. Todays conditions were very much different from yesterday, but it was fun to compete. I like relays most.

Anne Kylloenen (FIN)

The conditions were tough and the tracks were also different. It was hard and not best conditions for me. The Finish team as a whole would be much better in yesterdays conditions and I'm very happy that we take a place on the podium in this weather.

Sadie Bjornsen (USA I)
It was very fun to race today with lots of girls in the pack and two US teams doing really well! It was a tough race where you had to fight in the snow over the broken hill tops.


Ladies 4x5km relay
1. Norway I (Weng, Johaug, Steira, Bjørgen) 58:38.9
2. Finland (Saarinen, Kylloenen, Niskanen, Lahteenmaki) +1:13.1
3. USA I (Randall, Bjornsen, Stephen, Diggins) +1:36.5

Complete results available HERE.


Heavy snowfall, air -10.0°C, snow -7.0°C