Norwegian squad in full strength in Nove Mesto

08 February 2012 10:12
Petter Northug wins in Davos
Petter Northug wins in Davos -

FIS Cross-Country World Cup returns to Nove Mesto after a three-year break and the Norwegian team is going to the Czech Cross-Country skiing Mecca in full strength.

Petter Northug, Marting Johnsrud Sundby or Eldar Roenning sit out the Russian competitions in Moscow and Rybinsk but are on the roster for the weekend races over 30 km mass start classic and 4x10 km relay.

"We look forward to the World Cup weekend in Nove Mesto. The Norwegian ladies have dominated the leader boards, and it looks very good there. With both Petter Northug, Eldar Rønning and Martin Johnsrud Sundby back at the starting line in the World Cup this weekend, we will take revenge for the men's poor results last weekend in Rybinsk. We will participate and make a mark in the result list," head coach Vidar Løfshus said at Nrwegian Ski Federation's website.

On the ladies' side Marit Bjoergen will be leading the squad to chase Justyna Kowalczyk who is in the Overall World Cup standing lead by only 2 points. Ladies' team is also featuring winner from skiathlon in Rybinsk Therese Johaug or Vibeke Skofterud. Kristin Stoerme Steira who did not get a permission to start in Rybinsk is missing also on the roster for Nove Mesto.


Marit Bjørgen, Rognes IL
Therese Johaug, IL Nansen
Vibeke Skofterud, Slitu IF
Marthe Kristoffersen, IL Varden
Astrid U Jacobsen, IL Heming
Ingvild F Østberg, Gjøvik Skiklubb
Heidi Weng, IL i BUL


Petter Northug, Strindheim IL
Niklas Dyrhaug, Tydal IL
Martin J Sundby, Røa IL
Eldar Rønning, Skogn IL
Didrik Tønseth, Byåsen IL
Finn Hågen Krogh, Tverrelvdalen IL
Sjur Røthe, Voss IL (stafett)
Ronny F Ansnes, Klæbu IL (relay)

Contributed by Ingeborg Scheve,