Olli Ohtonen joins team Finland

30 June 2014 07:45
Olli Ohtonen joins team Finland
Olli Ohtonen joins team Finland -
Anna-Mari Vuollet

Former Cross-country skier Olli Ohtonen to be part of the Finnish Cross-Country team. Ohtonen is going to continue work at Jyväskylä University, but will coach 'part time Finnish skiers, especially sprinters.

“My own skiingcareer ended in 2010. As an athlete my strength was in distance, but I’ve been coaching sprint specialist Toni Ketelä since 2007 and that has moulded my way of thinking more towards sprint. Year ago I started working with Iivo Niskanen”, Ohtonen says. 

Ohtonen has both academic and Cross-Country skiing background. “I am still taking my first steps as a coach. I have lot to learn. But I think it might help that I understand all the emotions that run in athlete's head during training and competitions. It might be easier for me to step in their shoes and hopefully it builds some confidence”, Ohtonen says.

“It is really interesting to join the Finnish national team, there are skiers  I competed with. I’ve had really warm welcome to the team. The athletes are talented and motivated”, Ohtonen says.