Olsson back on the national as Swedish coaching staff announced

11 April 2016 14:17
Johan Olsson
Johan Olsson -

Leadership of the Swedish Ski Association announced today the coaching staff for the 2016/17 season. On top of that, World and Olympic Champion Johan Olsson comes back to the national team.

The coaching staff for team Sweden will be Rikard Grip, Ola Ravald, Lars Selin, Ole Morten Iversen and Johan Granath. Everybody except for Iversen have worked with the Swedish national team before. Rikard Grip has worked in the past years as the team manager and men’s coach. Now his role will focus on the overall responsibility of the national team and its operation. Men’s team will be taken over by Ola Ravald, who was believed to be behind the Swedish success at the Olympic Winter Games in Torino in 2006. Ravald will work with the men’s team together with Lars Selin.

Coaching staff 2016/17


Johan Granath continues as the ladies’ coach, the position he has had for the past 3 years. He will share the responsibility with Ole Morten Iversen (father of Norway’s rising Emil Iversen).
Former coaches Mats Larsson and Mattias Persson has chosen not to continue with the national team.

Johan Olsson back on the national team

The Olympic and World Champion Johan Olsson has announced today he is coming back to the national team. “I have decided to fight for the World Championships in Lahti. The best way to do that is through the national team,” Olsson said.


Johan Olsson has been competing for the private long distance Team Santander.

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