Over 47,000 entries already for 2015 Vasaloppet

22 March 2014 14:36
Vasaloppet 2014
Vasaloppet 2014 -

It is unavoidable, but everyone who wants to ski Vasaloppet cannot get a start place. There are just 15,800 places each year and there were 30,000 people who logged in at the same time when Vasaloppet’s registration re-opened at 10.00 last Sunday. During the past week, entry registration has also opened for all the other races and this morning, Friday, a total of 47,060 registered entries have come in. This further confirms the enormous interest there is to take part in Vasaloppet’s winter week.

Already KortVasan, TjejVasan, Öppet Spår Sunday and HalvVasan are all more than half full. This means that, in total, the entry registration interest is 13 percent higher than at the corresponding time in 2013.
“Naturally it’s a shame that we can’t make room for all, but Vasaloppet has its 15,800 places and, sadly, many will miss out when the interest is so great. In the whole winter week we have places for 68,000 skiers, so if one can consider one of the other races there is still the possibility to be part of next winter’s festival “, said Vasaloppet’s CEO Anders Selling last Sunday and, in the highest degree, this is still the case.

Moreover, Vasaloppets summer week 2014 is getting close with some 18,000 registered entries. VasaStafetten, for example, today passed the figure of 200 team entries.

FACTS/Entry situation just now for Vasaloppets winter week 2015:

  • Fri 27 Feb: KortVasan. (5,450 entries so far. Total 10,000 places.)
  • Sat 28 Feb: TjejVasan. (5,727 entries so far. Total 10,000 places.)
  • Sun 1 Mar: UngdomsVasan. (86 entries so far. Total 1,600 places.)
  • Sun 1 Mar: Öppet Spår Sunday. (6,420 entries so far. Total 10,000 places.)
  • Mon 2 Mar: Öppet Spår Monday. (3,040 entries so far. Total 8,000 places.)
  • Tues 3 Mar: HalvVasan. (2,537 entries so far. Total 5,000 places.)
  • Fri 6 Mar: StafettVasan. (8,000 entries. FULL 160314)
  • Sun 8 Mar: Vasaloppet. (1,5800 entries. FULL 160314)

Source: www.vasaloppet.se