Petter Northug’s winning recipe

04 July 2012 16:51
Petter Northug wins in Davos
Petter Northug wins in Davos -

The recipe led to great success every time since Northug’s Cross-Country breakthrough. The end of last season got ruined for the
26-year-old skier from Mosvik due to illness. On Tuesday in beautiful summer weather, Northug participated in the traditional training session at Hafjell where he met his colleagues from the all-round team.

Petter Northug has carried out the summer trainings as originally planned and has been working in the height on his own lately but at but the camp in Gudbrandsdalen he was once again one of the gang.

“The training program is the same as before the last Championships. The motivation is good,” Northug said during the press conference on Tuesday after the hard workout.

The multiple World Champion and Norway’s Cross-Country star has not competed for real since February when his stomach problems ruined the end of the season and took away the runner-up position in the Overall World Cup standing. Northug had to withdraw from Vasaloppet, there was no show on Holmenkollen and he also missed the World Cup Final in Falun.

The Norwegian ace is hoping the coming season to be different and to be fighting for medals again. In addition, he makes a new attempt to fight for victory in the FIS Tour de Ski. There is no guarantee that it will be easy. Staying healthy is as important as ever. 
Before Christmas last season, Northug was by far among the World's best Cross-Country skiers. In the Tour de Ski he claimed the 3rd place behind the Swiss Dario Cologna and Sweden’s Marcus Hellner.

“It was bad not to catch the end of last season, but I was happy with the season overall. It was exciting to follow the season, although I did not take part in some races. I look forward to the winter ahead. It helps that there are two major highlights; the FIS Tour de Ski and World Championships,” Northug said.

Norway’s national team coach Trond Nystad says Northug is well on track. 
”He has shown good shape at the camp here in Lillehammer. He looked fresh, healthy and did well. No one let him win, and although he was not the best in today's "elghufs", we have seen him lower in the sessions before. Peter is well underway with preparations for the upcoming season,” Nystad said. On 
Wednesday Petter Northug is leaving to the U.S. to participate for the third time in the Poker World Championships.

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