Positive minds in Val Senales

27 October 2011 12:49
Swedish relay team Oslo 2011
Swedish relay team Oslo 2011 -

High altitude training camp of the Swedish Cross-Country team is coming to an end and Swedish coaches are satisfied with it.

Running, cycling, roller skiing and strength training in 1800 meters were on the training schedule of the first week in Livigno. The camp continued with seven days in 2000-3000 meters altitude in Val Senales and glacier skiing every day. Thin air, hard work and stress - what it takes to become an even better national team.

“We have been constantly developing both as individuals and as a group. Autumn high altitude has given us a lot. We are looking towards the season with confidence. What we have seen and experienced by the active attitude and performance during the camp week in the Italian Alps makes us look forward to the season with confidence. It is a tagged and hungry bunch who bit down and shown what they want,” head coaches Joakim Abrahamsson and Richard Grip say.

The training load has been weighed on scales so that athletes do not go over the limit. “It must not be too much. The athletes have different training backgrounds and differing abilities to handle heavy loads at high altitude over time. Therefore we have chosen to send home some of younger skiers. Calle Halfvarsson, Hanna Falk, Hanna Brodin and Jesper Modin had cut short the camp three days before the others who traveled home on Wednesday," coaches revealed.

“We want our skiers to be fresh and active at the next camp, which begins the first week in November. The quartet went home and had done a good job. They will have a little more time to recharge their batteries,” the coaches say.

Anna Haag also left Val Senales, slightly sick. “It is coach’s responsibility not to let the athlete "run down" or walk around with cold,” coaches explain.

Weather was on the side of Cross-Country squad and the team could carry out the training program as planned. “Although we are now done here in the Alps and the athletes are tired, their minds are positive,” Joakim Abrahamsson comments while waiting for Marcus Hellner and Anders Sodergren to come back from a demanding long ride.

In the meantime, recovery of Emil Jönsson and Johan Olsson has gone well in Sweden. Emil Joensson pulled his thigh muscle in Livigno and Johan Olsson got a problem with a shoulder before the trip to Italy. “Both of them are in training, but do not run up,” Joakim Abrahamsson says.

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