Pre-Competition facts for final stage of Ruka Triple

01 December 2013 07:50
Ruka Triple
Ruka Triple -

Mini-tour leader Eldar Rønning of Norway has withdrawn from today's competition.  Leaving the door open to a new final leader.  Both men's and ladies' competitions are quite close and nothing has been decided yet.  Cold temperatures to start the morning but by competition time it is predicted to be -12c.

The final stage will feature a pursuit start based on the overall two-day standings.  The competition will be 10/15 km in the free technique.  

Competition Course

Ladies: 4x 2.5 km
Intermediate points: 1.4 km and then in each lap

Men: 6 x 2.5 km
Intermediate points: 1.4 km and then in each lap 

You can find all the maps in .jpg and .eps formats HERE.

You can find the detailed weather forecast HERE.

Snow Conditions

Cold, hard packed icy granular mix artificial and natural snow

Special Remarks to Competion and Participants

  • No bonus seconds to be awarded tomorrow
  • 200 World Cup points for the winner, 50 World Cup points for daily winner
  • 90.000 CHF prize money for each gender distributed between top 10, the winner gets 33.500 CHF
  • Daily prize money for the winner 5.000 CHF
  • Grand total prize money altogether for the Ruka Triple is 240’000 CHF 
  • Starting Order: according to the current FIS Ruka Triple standings after 2 stages.
  • The fastest time on this stage will get 50 World Cup points and daily prize money
  • Wave Start: for both ladies and men +3:00 min


Bettina Gruber, Jovian Hediger (both SUI), Valjas, Gaiazova (both CAN), Prochazkova (SVK), Kolb (GER), Hamilton (USA), Onda (JPN), Eldar Rønning (NOR)

Athlete and Coach Quotes

Therese Johaug (NOR)
I feel my shape is good and I’m looking forward to starting tomorrow and to putting skating skis on my feet. Tomorrow I will have to go from the beginning. Charlotte (Kalla) and me will be starting almost together so hopefully we can help each other to get close to Marit and Justyna.

Lukas Bauer (CZE)

I will do my best tomorrow to perform as good as today. I hope I can show I’m in a good shape also in skating. We have trained a lot volume, but not any special training for Kuusamo.