Prize money ranking 2013

27 March 2013 16:16
Justyna Kowalczyk tops prize money ranking 2013
Justyna Kowalczyk tops prize money ranking 2013 -

Outside the prize money from the World Championships, the Cross-Country athletes earned a good amount of money this season. Justyna Kowalczyk won a total of 284’000 CHF. The largest amount of the prize money, 90.000 CHF, Justyna Kowalczyk won for the fourth Tour de Ski. Therese Johaug earned second highest amount to net a total of 183’125 CHF.

On the men’s side, Petter Northug leads the prize money ranking. The Overall World Cup winner earned 212’500 CHF whilst the runner-up in the prize money ranking, Alexander Legkov (RUS), won 165’625 CHF.

Gregor Schlierenzauer, who is leading the ranking for Ski Jumping, took in 176’500 CHF during his successful season. In Ski Jumping, the distribution of prize money includes more athletes than in the other disciplines as 30 best skiers get a reward. The ladies Ski Jumping World Cup winner Sara Takanashi (JPN) earned 44’335 CHF.

Eric Frenzel (GER) topped the prize money ranking of Nordic Combined with 92’100 CHF.

With 11 wins and 24 podium finishes, Tina Maze topped by far the prize money rankings in Alpine Skiing. Apart from breaking Herman Maier’s record 2000 points in a single season, the Slovenian also broke the Austrian’s record prize money earnings. In 2000 Maier stood on the podium 22 times, earning 660'000 Swiss Francs but Maze did even better, taking home a total of 701'797 CHF. 

The only other skier who earned over CHF half a million this year was Austria’s Marcel Hirscher. His 6 wins and 18 podium finishes were worth 535'940 CHF in prize money earnings. Norway’s Aksel Lund Svindal finished second, taking home 299'053 CHF ahead of Ted Ligety who collected 269'956 CHF.