Quotes after the first stage: "We are satisfied and can look forward"

30 December 2011 09:10
Angerer Kuusamo
Angerer Kuusamo -

Nicole Fessel (GER)
"I could not join the last three World Cups and I have missed how hard these competitions are. I felt pretty good, but I pretty much used my energy to get through the race. I hope that I'm able to improve my performance during Tour de Ski. I might have started a bit too fast today, but I wasn't sure how my body would react after my break".

Hannah Kolb (GER)
"The race went well, I had worked on a tactic before which I followed, and I'm satisfied. I will keep the pace of the group tomorrow in order to save some power".

Denise Herrmann (GER)
"I was hoping that it would be much like last year, despite the icy conditions, I am very satisfied with the outcome. You can only take one day at the time during Tour de Ski, without looking too much agead and I will try to establish my position in the distance races".

Tim Tscharnke (GER)
"I went with no expectations in the race. Since August, I was sick five times in a row. My coach Schreyl Cuno had higher expectations than I had. That I did this well surprised me. Our new equipment as well as the home field advantage might have helped me today".

Axel Teichmann (GER)
"I can be satisfied now, there are still eight more stages left which makes me confident that I will finally get within the main leaders".

Tobias Angerer (GER)
"I am very satisfied and can look forward to the next stages. It was a very hard prologue, the track was very icy. But the track is difficult to race anyway".