Racing Equipment Corner: With Yoko and Inside the Fence

23 December 2013 09:56
Inside the Fence with Yoko
Inside the Fence with Yoko -

Inside the Fence spent a day with the Yoko crew in Davos, Switzerland during the recent World Cups and got up to speed on all the latest product offerings from the Finnish company.  

The Finnish ski brand Yoko has been around since 1976 when Juha Tirinen and Kaija Gustafsson started the company.  Best known for it’s innovative pole/glove combination the company shifted focus to Motorsport racing in the early 2000s but has since returned to the Nordic world with a full line up of Cross-Country products.  

Yoko is now headed up by Jani Gustafsson (son of Kaija), and Markus Grönholm (2x World Rally car champion).  Under their guidance Yoko now boasts a complete Nordic line starting from the snow up with skis, boots, clothing, poles, gloves and hats.
Get to know the new Yoko.

The Yoko ski range is based on Finnish ski production know-how. Yoko skis are produced at the Kitee ski factory in Finland, using many decades of experience, only the finest raw materials, and without compromising quality. The range features multiple unique innovations that improve the usability and performance of the skis. The Yoko product range offers the right skis for every customer. 

A unique feature within the Yoko classic ski line is the Optigrip. Yoko Optigrip® is a sensational concept for classic skiing. It introduces classic skis that are easy to ski and almost maintenance free. Different types of Optigrip® skis are made for Racing, Competition, Sport and Touring skiers and they offer no-wax skis that are guaranteed to suit all levels of ability.  Optigrip is guaranteed to provide grip for a minimum 2000 kilometers.  

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