REC - Racing Equipment Corner: Exel is back!

12 December 2013 09:54
Exel is back
Exel is back -

New this season, Exel Poles has returned to the Nordic market with a new twist, or maybe it’s better to say a “new curve” on cross-country ski poles with their Exel X-Curve.

“The Exel X-Curve delivers close 20% more propulsion power with each push, enabling the skier to reach maximum speed faster and maintain maximum speed for longer”.  - Exel Poles

Exel is back



The pole has been designed to increase power when double polling, improve skier biomechanics and muscle recruitment. Testing has shown a reduction in blood lactate levels during identical training efforts versus a traditional ski pole. For more information, visit Also watch for an in FIS cross-country “Inside the Fence” video taking the new poles for a test ski in Davos during the World Cup weekend.