Robins Sockertoppen: Robin Bryntesson organizes camp for young athletes with diabetes

17 August 2011 13:12

Robin Bryntesson, Sweden’s sprint specialist organized last week a camp for young athletes with diabetes.

“When I was sick as a 17-year-old, I wanted to meet others who were in the same situation, but there was not something that I thought was good. Now I have tried to create a camp where the activity is the main focus,” says Robin Bryntesson to Norwegian newspaper Helgeland Arbeiderblad.

Twelve participants between 10 and 20 years of age came to Mosjoen to spend three days with sports and activities. They did rollerskiing and other outdoor activities. The Swedish participants came from Stockholm. The Norwegian participants came mainly from Helgeland.

Bryntesson is convinced that he could develop an annual camp. “We are not evaluating the first year and will decide if we continue with this. But the desire is there,” he concluded for Helgeland Arbeiderblad.

Bryntesson has suffered from diabetes since 2002. Doctors advised him to stop competing. Thanks to his strong will Bryntesson showed it was possible to train five hours a day even with this diagnosis.

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