Russia joins the World Cup service truck convoy

09 November 2013 08:19
Russian Wax Truck
Russian Wax Truck -

Russia has joined the service truck revolution in cross-country skiing. The Russian cross-country ski team was recently presented it's new truck in Sweden. Russia becomes the eight country with its full-size truck, allowing it's service team the best possible conditions.  Russia joins Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and Germany with a wax room on wheels.  

When fully open the service are will be 4 metres wide, and a length of 12 meters offering enough space for 14 full-time servicemen.  The truck also features powerful ventilation and good lighting,  everything needed for a quality working environment.

Currently, the truck is on it's way to Moscow to check in, and then immediately it will go to Finland to its first FIS World Cup start.