Russia stuns in Lillehammer with men's relay victory

08 December 2013 13:17
Maxim Vylegzhanin
Maxim Vylegzhanin -

In the men's 4 x 7.5 km relay the Russian I team upset the home crowd out sprinting Norway II and Norway I to win in Lillehammer. For a time it looked like it could be 3 Norwegian teams on the podium but Maxim Vylegzhanin of Russia made a big move coming into the large downhill and held his lead to the finish. Chasing behind him was Finn Haagen Krogh of Norway II and Petter Northug Jr. of Norway I, but none could close the gap.


1. Russia I (Japarov, Bessmertnykh, Legkov, Vylegzhanin) 1:19:04.7

2. Norway II (Roenning, Jespersen, Roethe, Krogh) +1.6

3. Norway I (Golberg, Toenseth, Sundby, Northug Jr.)


Complete results available HERE


Alexander Legkov RUS I
It is a great day and great victory for us. This season is the most important and I am happy we showed such a great performance in the relay today. Maxim did a great move towards the end. I hope in Sochi we will perform in the same way.

Sjur Røthe NOR II
Lots of snow was coming in but we still had great conditions. I enjoyed racing for Norway II today against a very deserved an strong first team. Some of us had a bit to show after yesterday and I think our team did really well! We had good fun to challenge Norway I! The Russian team was very strong and showed that they’ll be tough to beat on the home snow!

Pål Golberg NOR I
I had a tough lap after falling behind with an accident in my lap. The pace was great with many teams in on the fight from the beginning. The race showed that everything has to work out for the team to win and anything can happen, even with Petter Northug on the team. I had a fantastic day yesterday, and even though today wasn't as perfect for me, it was still a great experience to race today!