Sami Jauhojärvi in interview

08 June 2011 00:03

The 30-year-old, double bronze medalist from Liberec 2009 and FIS Athletes’ Commission member Sami Jauhojaervi took the time in Portoroz to chat with about his role and his future.

Q: Sami, you and Kikkan Randall are the Cross-Country representatives on the FIS Athletes’ Commission. How were the Cross-Country meetings in Portoroz from your perspective?

Sami Jauhojärvi: I am glad we could take part in the Calendar Conference in Portoroz. It is important for us to learn how the process of decision-making in Cross-Country Skiing works. We are happy that the athletes’ voice was listened to and we could come with proposals.

Q: What was your contribution to the Committee meetings?

S.J.: For the first time, we did an athletes’ survey. Athletes commented on the last season and we collected valuable feedback, which was then presented to the Committees. We also have an athlete representative in almost every country that takes part in the World Cup. This makes communication with the athletes easier.

Q: Do you also see challenges?

S.J.: I am convinced that it is important that we athletes understand how decisions in Cross-Country Skiing are done. We have to motivate our colleagues not to be afraid to say their opinion and be active in terms of proposals and suggestions.

Q: Let’s talk about your season. How was it?

S.J.: I am happy with how the last season went. Before it kicked off I had suffered an injury and lost some time in training. I managed to overcome my health problems but I still have to be cautious while training. Of course I was disappointed that I did not earn a medal at the World Championships in Oslo. We were very close to the podium in the relay but it did not work out. But I was happy with my performance.

Q: How will your summer training look like?

S.J.: I will not change much. Reijo Jylhä is still my coach. My goal for next year is to get better in free technique to be more competitive. As always I will spend many hours on roller skis. I also do a lot of running and cycling.

Q: Next season is without a title event. Is it difficult for you to stay motivated?

S.J.: Not at all. It is true there is no World Championships or Olympic Winter Games but I have still goals for next season. I want to finish next season as high as possible in the overall World Cup. The Tour de Ski will also be a major event next year.

Q: You are also active in kids’ activities. Why is that?

S.J.: I think that children need role models that will bring them to the sport. When I recall my childhood I started skiing because I had role models in our club and the training center. I try to be a role model for children. We organize a training camp for them in the summer. I think it works and I am happy I can be part of it.