Sausage goes for fruits

05 October 2010 08:11

Øystein Pettersen also known as Pølsa- the Sausage may seem to be relaxed athlete. "There are many who think I'm a guy who jokes a lot, wears big pants and takes it easy in regards to diet "said Pettersen to The latter is far from truth.

"I am a very serious athlete and want to show that I'm healthy and want to stay healthy" explained Pettersen to In order to strengthen his image and be good role model for kids he set up a personal cooperation with Norwegian Fruits & Vegetables company. "It is important that young people eat healthy. If fruits and vegetables help them, there is nothing better "says Pettersen.

He is not afraid of a conflict with his nickname. "No, I am not afraid. Many people especially children think that I am called Sausage because I eat many hot dogs. But my diet does not consist of hot dogs, and therefore I wish now to show that I'm healthy "says Øystein Pettersen to

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