Sixten Jernberg prize 2016 for Sofia Henriksson

14 July 2016 09:19
Sofia Henriksson
Sofia Henriksson -

The jury of Sixten Jernberg Prize has decided to award the 2016 award to Sofia Henriksson.

“After having the 2014/15 season ruined because of illness Sofia Henriksson came back strong last winter. She showed hardness and fighting spirit that is in the statutes of Sixten Jernberg medal and has become the fifth woman to receive the prize,” the Jury said.

Sixten Jernberg prize is annually awarded to a Swedish athlete that performed the same determination and fighting spirit as the famous Swedish Cross-Country skier. The prize can only be won once. The winners have represented Swedish elite skiers for more than five decades.

Henriksson had a great season with 2nd place in the Scandinavian Cup, silver medal at the Swedish nationals in Gallivare in 30 km C, additionally, she went first leg of the team which won the 3x5 km for Piteå Elit. 

The complete list of winners is HERE.