U.S. Ski team trains at Eagle Glacier

15 July 2014 07:54
U.S. Ski team trains at Eagle Glacier
U.S. Ski team trains at Eagle Glacier -
Matt Whitcomb

From July 6 to 20 the U.S. Ski Team and other skiers from APU (Alaska Pacific University), NAWTA (North American Women's Training Alliance) are trainining at the Eagle Glacier, Alaska.

In addition to the five U.S. Ski Team women (Holly Brooks, Sadie Bjornsen, Sophie Caldwell, Jessie Diggins, Kikkan Randall, and Liz Stephen), Norway’s Celine Brun-Lie joined the two-week camp as NAWTA’s international guest. Last year, they hosted Astrid Jacobsen. 

The U.S. women’s team invited Brun-Lie to the camp, as it had with past guests, including Finland’s Aino-Kaisa Saarinen and Canada’s Perianne Jones and Chandra Crawford.

The training camp started last week with a dry land and roller ski period at Kincaid Park in Anchorage. When the ladies' team finished with the dry land training and transitioned to snow training the men's team got underway with their camp in Anchorage and will go to the glacier next week. 

As for the goals of this men’s camp (led USST Head Coach Chris Grover and assisted by USST coach Jason Cork, Flora, and Matteson), Grover wrote that they’re shooting for “high-quality training” in the form of four to five intensity sessions while in Anchorage, “followed by some of the biggest volume of the season on-snow on Eagle Glacier.”

Also assisted by Cork and Flora, Whitcomb explained that the primary goal of the women’s camp “is to get the best women in the country together to train hard for fourteen days – just like the rest of our camps.”

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