Skinfit Racing signs Riitta - Liisa Roponen

30 October 2012 07:07
Riita-Liisa Roponen
Riita-Liisa Roponen -

The Austrian based long distance ski team warmly welcomes the Finnish cross country star Riitta – Liisa Roponen and raises once more the team quality.

Roponen already showed extremely strong results in traditional world cup skiing with three world championship titles, one world championship silver medal as well as one Olympic bronze medal.

From now on Roponen sets some attention to long distance skiing while she’s still participating in World Cup competitions. Already for the upcoming season she has planned to participate at least in 2 or 3 Ski Classics and FIS Marathon races.

Roponen signed a four + one year contract with Skinfit Racing and points out here goals as following

“I’ll ski until Lahti 2017 – that’s my long term goal. Until that I want to show a strong performance at the 30k race in Val di Fiemme and Sochi as well as in the long distance races like Skiclassics and FIS Marathon Cups” says Roponen.

In cooperation with Roponen and her coaches Skinfit Racing fixed a long term schedule which includes 3 seasons with 5-6 marathon races as well as one full long distance season with a special focus on the overall.

“ I’m really looking forward to a great partnership with Skinfit Racing Team. I’m totally glad to have a highly professional team around me and together with Valentina (Shevchenko) and Stephanie (Santer) I want to ski as best as possible” says Roponen.

“Riitta – Liisa already did a lot of double poling training the past years. She has huge experience and showed many of her best results in long distance world cups. Of course marathon races are different to traditional world cups but I think by doing such races we’re able to improve our “short distance” performance as well” points out Toni Roponen, coach and husband of Riitta – Liisa Roponen.

With Valentina Shevchenko, Stephanie Santer and Riitta – Liisa Roponen three women are participating for the Austrian based long distance team.

“Signing Riitta – Liisa had been a huge step forward in becoming the worlds best ski team. Riitta – Liisa was many times skiing on a really high level in longer world cup races and we for sure believe that she’s able to show same results in long distance races” says Marc Hager, team director.

The Finnish world champion has also mentioned strong interest to cooperate with the team in summer trainings. In a total the team stays at training camps for 108 days per year in which athletes are improving there performance with a special attention to long distance races.

“We’ve planned to improve our training in some parts which are very special in long distance races. I think such improvements may be a big benefit in world cup races as well. We’re long time in the business and now it was time for something new. Also skis and material matters have to be considered in a different way for such long races. In our new team we found a highly trustful and experienced service team which guarantees fast skis” adds Toni Roponen

All involved parties are looking forward to a great partnership with hopefully great success in marathon races.

“Riitta – Liisa suits perfect to our team. We’re happy to have a new member in the team and I’m sure this cooperation will be successful for all of us” attaches team director Marc Hager

Many backstage news, insider information’s or personal blog news from Riitta – Liisa will be available soon.

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