Sochi is ready for the Olympic Winter Games

28 January 2014 22:18
Sochi is ready for the Olympic Winter Games
Sochi is ready for the Olympic Winter Games -
Sochi 2014

In nine days, the Olympic Winter Games will start in Sochi (RUS). Cross-Country competitions will be carried out in the Cross-Country Ski and biathlon Complex, which is located on the crest and slopes of Psekhako Ridge, 6.5-10 km to the northeast of Krasnaya Polyana.

The complex consists of two separate stadiums, each with their own start and finish areas, two separate course systems for skiing and biathlon with a total length of 15 km, a shooting area and warm-up and competition areas.

Competition Course information

The ridged circuit of the ski course drops down 80 m relative to the stadium, and of the final 1,700 m of the track 1,200 m represent a rise; the difference in heights between the lower and upper sections is 85 m.

The highest point of the ski track is located at the 1,494 m level while the lowest point is at 1,398 m.

After the Games the venue will become an alpine resort for tourists, and also a center for training sessions and cross-country ski and biathlon competitions.

Olympic village

The Endurance Olympic Village is situated within easy reach (500-800 meters) of the Cross-Country skiing and biathlon center, so athletes will be accommodated at the same height as the height at which the events are going to take place.

The Village is located at a height of 1,450 m and covers an area of 27 ha. It is 61 km away from Sochi International Airport. Approx. 1.100 guests are expected during the Olympic Games and 400 during the Paralympic Games.

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