Squadra azzura trains in Emilia-Romagna

09 July 2014 12:32
Squadra azzurra in Passo Tonale
Squadra azzurra in Passo Tonale -

Summer is in the full swing but there is no time for vacation for Italian Cross-Country skiers. Squadra azzura is training at 100%. 

Last week started Italian World Cup and A teams a training camp in the Trentino region, this week the coach Giuseppe Chenetti took his crew to Lama Mocogno Emilia Romagna. 

David Hofer, Roland Clara, Federico Pellegrino, Dietmar Noeckler, Maicol Rastelli, Francesco De Fabiani, Virginia De Martin Topranin, Debora Agreiter, Gaia Vuerich, Elisa Brocard, Greta Laurent and Marina Piller are going to work on the volume until 15th July. From the team only veteran Giorgio di Centa is missing and trains individually.