"I suffered from a sudden painful spasm." says Natalia Korosteleva

09 February 2010 13:53

Q: Your start of the race was impressive. Right after the start you were skiing very fast and easy. What happened after? 

Natalia Korosteleva: As you said I started my race very fast. I felt strong and when I received information I was first in km 1 a thought : "So easy?". On the first intermediate point at 2,7 km I was second fastest. On the first really steep uphill I suddenly felt painful spasm in my legs. It was really painful. I had to almost stop skiing to get a relief. On next uphill pain returned. I was standing when skiing downhill.
NK: I wanted to quit but my coach insisted on me finishing the race. When I crossed the finish line I just fell down and was lying there. Not because of usual fatigue after the race but because of pain in my legs
NK: Yes, I had very heavy legs after the flight to Canada. I as always suffer from it. I was running, stretching and had massage but nothing helped.
NK: I must have been dehydrated after the flight. I could not balance liquids in my body until now. Even though it was really bad race for me there are are positive aspects too. I realized that functionally of my body is very good. Training in Tauplitz Alm was carried out correctly.
NK: Light jogging, massages, and I will be in best shape for the Olympics. I'm sure!

Q: It could be risky to race in these conditions. 

Q: It seems to be a typical jet lag - poor blood circulation in legs after a long flight. 

Q: There are special techniques a special diet. Did you use it? 

Q: There are still 10 days before the first Olympic race. You will have time to recover from "jet lag". What are you plans? 


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