Sundby digs deep for Davos victory

12 December 2015 16:05
Martin Johnsrud Sundby NOR and Maurice Manificat FRA
Martin Johnsrud Sundby NOR and Maurice Manificat FRA -

Martin Johnsrud Sundby of Norway proved again why he is the best in the World for the past two seasons. Sundby won today's 30 km free technique competition in Davos, Switzerland by +20.7 seconds ahead of France's Maurice Manificat.  Sundby and Manificat battled back and forth for most of the competition and were 4 times in the same second at timing points.  In the end Sundby proved strongest and moved on for a clear victory.  In third place was Norway's Anders Gloeersen +28.6 back.  Gloeersen won the 15 km free technique here last season.

Sundby led a strong Norwegian team with 6 in the top ten and Manificat led his team to season best results with 3 in the top 7 (Jean Marc Gaillard 5th, Robin Duvillard 7th).  

With his win in Davos Sundby has reached three World Cup race victories for the first time in one season.  One of Sundby’s won here in Davos in the 15km classic one year ago but this was his first victory at 30 km interval start.  Sundby has finished 3rd (2013) and 5th (2011) in his two 30km freestyle starts in Davos.

The Davos World Cup weekend continues Sunday with free technique sprint competitions.  The qualification round will begin at 8:30 local time and the elimination rounds at 11:00 local time.  


Martin Johnsrud Sundby, NOR
I pushed a bit too hard first 15 km. I did not feel that good after that. I was lucky I joined Sjur and Petter. Sjur did a great job in the fifth lap. I was able to catch some speed. The races in Davos kill me every year. Last two kilometres were almost impossible to ski. I tried to ski easy on the way to the top but I was tired in the lapping.

Maurice Manificat, FRA
I was focused all the time. It is crazy to be on the podium again. It was great fight with Martin. I started quite fast and had great skis. In the last 2 laps I had pain in back. I was losing seconds on Martin and then I let it go. It is very nice to finish on the podium.

Anders Gloeersen, NOR
I am very happy with the podium. I had to make my own race and keep the steady pace, not too fast but not too slow. In the last lap I heard I was fighting for the podium.


Men's 30 km F - Davos 

1. SUNDBY Martin Johnsrud NOR 1:06:27.9
2. MANIFICAT Maurice FRA +20.7
3. GLOEERSEN Anders NOR +28.6
4. ROETHE Sjur NOR +43.4
5. GAILLARD Jean Marc FRA +44.7

Complete results are available HERE

Distance World Cup standing men
1. Martin Johnsrud Sundby, NOR 348 pts
2. Maurice Manificat, FRA -163
3. Niklas Dyrhaug, NOR -167

Overall World Cup standing men
1. Martin Johnsrud Sundby, NOR 566 pts
2. Petter Northug Jr., NOR -227
3. Niklas Dyrhaug, NOR -287